Study Tips

Which is your study method?

Different ways of learning English as a foreigner language, depend on your own personality:

You like practising sports and training every day. You learn better when you are doing something.
Method: miming-acting-playing action games.

You like talking and writing. You learn better when you read books and record your voice on a tape recorder.
Method: reading loudly, writing and acting poems, tales or comics, repeating grammar rules, idiomatic expressions etc.

You are good at problems solving. You like organizing and planning your work and getting clear deductions.
Method: do exercises and put them in a list or in groups, etc.

You are a good mixer and work with other classmates very well.
Method: talking and debating about your work, working in group and in pairs.

Sounds help you to learn and remember. You have a good rhythm and you like learning songs.

Method: singing-reading loudly- listening etc.

You like to use illustrations, images, pictures and visual aids. You have a very good sense of direction.
Method: use of books with a lot of pictures, read story and comics..

You are a thinker. You are an imaginative and creative student. You like making by yourself.
Method: expressing your thoughts, developing projects and plans, working by yourself.